My mom has dementia and it sucks. Just when I thought MSA could get no worse, along comes dementia. SUCCCCKKKKSSSS


My First Blog

Really not sure what all will wind up here. I have been known to keep a journal from time to time my entire life, but can’t seem to keep up with them. All I can really say is come back and see what it is I’ve rattled off about since your last visit.

For this first one, I think I shall introduce myself and give a little background info about myself.

My name is Tamatha, most folks call me Tami. I am 46 years old. I am currently married to my sixth husband who is currently incarcerated and has been since August 2012. I have two daughters, both in their late 20’s. Both are married and my grandchildren total 8, 6 natural and 2 by marriage. (I don’t like the word “step”) The grandchildren range from 5 months to 15 years. All my grandparents have passed, as has my father and my mother is currently terminal with multiple system atrophy, MSA and dementia. I have 3 siblings, two on my mothers side, one on my fathers. All brothers and none that I┬áhave a real relationship with. My current employment status is full-time co-caretaker of my mother. I live with her and her husband who is the other caretaker.

Life for me has been one helluva adventure so far. I have a lot of stories to tell and this might just be where I do it.

Stay tuned.